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The Design For Social Impact Accelerator for Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

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Our groundbreaking "Design Social Impact: A Blueprint for Social Justice," is launching in May 2024. This 6-week journey is designed to empower you with innovative tools, fresh perspectives, and practical skills to drive social change and make your giving season campaigns truly impactful.

Unique Focus on Equity: 

We go beyond traditional entrepreneurship by putting equity at the forefront of every strategy, ensuring your business serves as a force for good.

Expert Guidance: 

Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully merged profit with purpose. Learn from real-world case studies and inspiring guest speakers.

Practical Application: 

Our course isn't just about theory—it's about taking action. Walk away with a concrete plan to launch or transform your business into an equity-centered social impact powerhouse.

Lifetime Access: 

Enjoy ongoing access to course materials, updates, and a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs, ensuring your journey toward equity-centered success is continually nurtured.
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Designing Social Justice: A Blueprint for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Welcome to a groundbreaking accelerator program that marries entrepreneurship with social impact, creating a transformative blueprint for your success. We understand that you don't just want to build a business; you want to build a legacy—one that's grounded in equity, anti-racism, and the true spirit of positive change.

You might already have an idea about the type of purpose driven organisation you want to create. Or maybe you have already started a social impact organisation or charity, or support an organisation. 

🌍 What You'll Learn:

  1. Equity-Centered Entrepreneurship: Shift your mindset and learn to design businesses that are inherently equitable, inclusive, and diverse. Discover the strategies to integrate equity at every level of your enterprise.

  2. Anti-Racism in Business: Break down barriers, challenge biases, and build a workplace culture that actively opposes racism. Our course equips you with tools to identify and dismantle systemic racism within your business.

  3. Challenging Savior Complexes: Understand the pitfalls of savior mentalities in the social impact sector. Learn how to collaborate authentically, respecting the voices and autonomy of the communities you serve.

  4. Community-Centered Approaches: Empower communities rather than imposing solutions. Learn to listen, engage, and co-create initiatives that genuinely address their needs.

  5. Measuring Impact: Discover the metrics and evaluation tools needed to track your social impact progress accurately. Ensure your efforts are making a meaningful difference.

  6. Building a Support Network: Connect with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and experts who share your vision for a more equitable world.



Beta Offer

  • Six modules
  • Weekly lives
  • Access to guest speakers
  • Community membership
  • 2 x 45 minute 1-on-1 coaching support


The world needs entrepreneurs like you—driven by purpose, guided by equity.


Ready to embark on your equity-centered entrepreneurial journey? Enroll now and be the change the world needs! Your business can do well by doing good. Together, we'll make a difference that lasts.


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