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We believe that true organisational success is not just measured by financial metrics, but by the extent to which equity and justice are embedded in every aspect of operations. That's why our strategic planning process is centred around principles of inclusivity, diversity, and social justice.

We work closely with organisations to ensure that their strategic plans are not only aligned with their mission and values but also address systemic inequalities and power imbalances. Through collaborative workshops, consultations, and tailored interventions, we help organisations identify and challenge oppressive structures, prioritize marginalised voices, and create pathways for meaningful change.

 Our strategic support looks different for each organisation. Examples of previous support includes:

  • Supporting executive teams to infuse a systemic change lens into all aspects of¬†their organisation's¬†activities, ensuring a holistic approach to addressing root causes of social, economic, and environmental issues.
  • Being a critical friend to a steering committee leading a participatory action research project.
  • Providing on-going strategic advice on a retainer basis for a start-up organisation, supporting the CEO to¬†¬†identify, design, and carry out opportunities to advance field learning and build effective alliances.¬†
  • Supporting technical program teams to design a strategic vision for programs that aligns with equity design values¬†and facilitating¬†bespoke training workshops for¬†the organisation.
  • Developing and implement capacity-mobilisation initiatives to empower organizations and individuals to drive systemic change.¬†

Our liberatory leadership and equity-design principles support teams to embrace inclusive and transformative leadership models.

We also provide guidance on systemic change through governance structures and practices that embed equity at every level, fostering an organizational culture rooted in social justice principles. Together, we navigate the journey of building a business that not only succeeds economically but contributes meaningfully to a more just and equitable world.




Our equity-centered coaching service is tailored for individuals seeking personal and professional growth within an equity-focused framework. Whether you're an entrepreneur, professional, or changemaker, our coaching sessions are crafted to explore and enhance your understanding of equity principles.

We delve into topics such as self-awareness, cultural competency, and intersectional perspectives. By fostering a deeper understanding of equity, our coaching aims to empower individuals to navigate complexities, challenge biases, and integrate equity into their decision-making processes.

This service is a transformative journey for those committed to personal development in alignment with equity and social justice values.

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Strategic Advisory Consultancy Service

Are you a non-profit leader seeking personalized guidance to tackle challenges, refine programs, and amplify social impact? Look no further! I am thrilled to introduce my Social Impact Strategic Advising Consultancy Services.

ūüí°¬†What I Offer:¬†Tailored 1-on-1 calls to address your organization's unique challenges. From program design and impact measurement to stakeholder engagement and decision support,¬†I am here to¬†support you to drive positive change through equity-centred processes.

ūüöĬ†How It Works:

  1. Book a Call: Schedule a virtual connect call on our website.
  2. Preparation: Once we've met and established if we are a good fit, share relevant details ahead of time for a focused discussion.
  3. Consultancy Call: Engage in a dynamic 60-minute conversation with actionable insights.
  4. Follow-up Resources: Receive a summary and access additional tools.
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Critical Participatory Action Research Power Hour

Are you looking for some in-depth advice on a participatory action research programme, policy or research process that you are designing or are engaged with?

Maybe you are setting up a new research project , or monitoring and evaluation framework and you want guidance on how to integrate CPAR into your approach? I've got you!

Maybe you are thinking about designing a new social impact project and want it grounded in an equity-centred evidence base?

Let's work together on the best strategy for you.

Ask me anything about Equity Centred Critical Participatory Research!

60 minutes. The floor is yours. This session is tailored to you.

After you have signed up, I will send you a form to complete so that I can find out more about your needs.

Ready to learn more about how Equity Based Design thinking, and Design for Social Impact's Framework can support your work?

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We have collaborated with dozens of organisations, including: