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The Design for Social Impact Accelerator

Designing to Disrupt the Social Impact Space

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Programme Summary


Who is the programme for?


This programme is primarily aimed at people working in the non profit/voluntary/academic sectors whose role involves designing programs.

Maybe you are grappling with the complexities of integrating diversity, equity and inclusion policies into program design.

Perhaps you are struggling to understand and address systemic issues, or feel the need for guided support to integrate equity principles effectively?

Our eight-week Design for Social Impact course is tailored for practitioners like you who are eager to revolutionise their approach.  You'll work on real-life case studies that aim to dismantle a wide range of systemic inequities that can show up in the ways that we design social impact interventions.

In this course, we don't just focus on technical solutions. We believe systemic change happens on a micro, macro and individual level. That means doing some deep reflective work on our own influences, positions and ways of seeing the world; which influence our approach to problem solving.

Each step of the way, you'll have access to wide range of expert advice and you will come away with actionable strategies that you can put into daily practice. 

It is not easy work, and there is no single quick-fix or technical solution to equity-centred social impact work.

But it is worth it. Because if you are truly about creating meaningful social impact, you've got to start by recognising and seeking to dismantle entrenched power imbalances and equity blips that make our work inaccessible to many people.

Sign up if you are looking for a paradigm shift towards more impactful, inclusive, and sustainable social impact practices. In doing so, you'll be joining a community of changemakers committed to reshaping the future of social impact work.


Course Content:

Week 1: Introduction to Equity-Centered Design

  • Understanding the Foundations of Equity, Justice and Inclusion
  • Exploring Power Dynamics in Program Design
  • Individual study: Self-reflection on Personal Positionality

Week 2: Intersectionality in Program Design

  • Unpacking Intersectionality and¬† Intersectional Identities
  • Applying Intersectionality to Program Strategies.
  • Individual study: Case Study Analysis through an Intersectional Lens

Week 3: Co-Design and Participatory Approaches

  • Principles of Co-Design
  • Community Engagement and Participation in Program Design and Delivery
  • Individual study: Co-Design Workshop Simulation

Week 4: Environmental & Economic Justice in Social Impact

  • Introduction to Environmental and Economic Justice
  • Place-Based Design and Integrating Eco-Centric Approaches
  • Individual study: Environmental Impact Assessment of a Program

Week 5: Iterative and Mutual Learning

  • Embracing an Iterative Design Process
  • Cultivating a Culture of Mutual Learning in Program Design and Implementation
  • Individual study: Reflective Analysis of Iterative Learning

Week 6: Anti-Racism and Decolonial-Informed Practices

  • Anti-Racist Approaches in Social Impact Design
  • Decolonial-Informed Thinking in Social Impact¬† Design
  • Individual study: Conducting an¬† Anti-Racism and Decolonial Program Analysis

Week 7: Systems Thinking

  • Systems Thinking in Social Impact
  • Strategies for Structural Change
  • Individual study: Developing a Systems Change Action Plan

Week 8: Structural Change and Action

  • Strategies for Structural Change
  • Developing Action Plans for Lasting Impact
  • Individual study: Comprehensive Program Redesign Project

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  • A small number of partial and full bursaries will be available-please enquire.

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  • We consider a¬†small non-profit (annual income below ¬£1 million).

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  • We also offer a reduced rate for teams from the same organisation.